ICELAND: Magical Flash Fiction in Iceland’s Mysterious Darkness – October 25-29, 2023

Join award-winning authors and teachers Nancy Stohlman and Kathy Fish for a breakthrough gathering of inspiration, creation, and transformation. Iceland is a land of extremes, of fire and ice, darkness and light, fields of black lava and glacial caves. No wonder it’s a land that has inspired legends, myths and fairy tales, from the rock formations believed to be frozen trolls to the famous elves hidden in the hills. And Iceland’s extended darkness makes it one of the world’s best locations to see the elusive Northern Lights. But the magic of Iceland isn’t limited to the sky.  Embracing the darkest days of the season, this retreat will delve deeply into the imagination and dreams, exploring the mysterious inspiration that bubbles up from our unconsious. Travel north with us this fall and discover the deep magic in your writing. 

Magical Flash Fiction in Iceland’s Mysterious darkness

October 25-29, 2023