Tropical Breakthrough in Costa Rica (2022)

Flash Fiction in the sand 2022“Costa Rica and the Peace Retreat are simply magical places with beautiful people. It’s the perfect environment to learn from Kathy and Nancy, connect with fellow writers, and grow as a person. It was such a spectacular experience that I’m already plotting my next retreat wit them. I can’t recommend it highly enough!” ~ Kristina Saccone

“Kathy and Nancy created such a wonderfully nurturing space that allowed each writer to explore themselves and their creativity alongside a supportive community and gorgeous setting. This retreat was the perfect blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and rekindled inspiration.” ~Kristen King

“I gained great insights about ways I might move my writing along or expand the quality of my work. Feeling very energized and nourished in my writing practice.” ~Kim Bundy

“Each time I sat down to a workshop, I felt I was sitting at the feet of master artists who have thought deeply and expansively about their own writing journeys and practices and were sharing what they’ve learned. I took so many notes! The writing process discussions planted a lot of seeds and the prompts were creative and inspiring. They both offered thoughts on writing that fed me in different ways and felt like exactly what I need to hear. Meeting for a writing workshop in the open air made the experience both intimate and expansive. I did most of my in-class writing sitting in an adirondack chair. What could be better!” ~Theresa Coty O’Neil

Fire and Ice: Flash Fiction in Iceland’s Magical Darkness (2021)

cropped-58300606-1.jpgIf you want to learn about yourself as a writer and a person, if you want to open yourself to your creative potential, and your inner truth as a writer, take a retreat with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman, they will guide you, encourage you, and inspire you. The rest is up to you, put aside your usual way of thinking, open yourself up to what you want to avoid, and.prepare to be amazed.–Annie BIen

I can’t recommend flash fictions retreats with Nancy Stohlman and Kathy Fish enough. Nancy and Kathy have found a way to bring the magic of their online writing workshops to in-person generative writing retreats. Our Fire and Ice retreat in Iceland was an absolute dream – the location was weird, wonderful, and totally inspiring, and my fellow writers were incredible people. I was amazed by how well we all clicked as a group! It shouldn’t have been a surprise: Nancy and Kathy are warm, generous of spirit, and genuine in their desire to connect with their retreaters and encourage them to write bravely and fiercely! I felt at home, held, celebrated, and supported – and it was easy and effortless for me to provide this goodwill to everyone else in the group as well. The entire retreat experience was a gift. I’m so happy to have jumped at the opportunity to retreat with Nancy and Kathy and can’t wait to do it again!--Sarah Arantza Amador

The Iceland retreat with Nancy and Kathy blew some refreshingly clean air into my brain. The workshops were stimulating, the setting by the lake gorgeously calm and so beautiful, and the food excellent. It all helped me start new flash pieces after the exhaustion of a big project I had recently completed. And to top it off, the group was full of such a variety of friendly and welcoming writers. All in all, it was a very positive experience. (Did I mention there was a hot spring?)–Rachel Weld

Whether you’re stuck in a rut with your creative process and need a quick jump start, or if you’re interested in trying different forms of creative writing, Nancy and Kathy’s writing workshop is perfect. The country you’re in becomes a silent workshop participant, as Nancy and Kathy tailor their daily workshops to coincide with the surroundings, making the whole generative process magical and profound. Their unique insights during the one-on-one sessions are helpful and invaluable. The daily schedule allows ample time to explore your surroundings, read, rest, and of course, write! Highly recommend their writing retreat–it will do you a world of good!--Renuka Raghavan

Iceland was a unique and inspirational place for a writing workshop. The venue was beautiful and the food unforgettable. The workshops left me feeling inspired and revitalized and yearning to get back to my writing. This is my second workshop with Kathy and Nancy and I look forward to my third.--Laura Alexander

The French Connection: Fast Flash Meets the Flash Novel (2021)

Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 8.26.17 AMThe French writing retreat with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman – my first ever writing retreat – lived up to all my expectations, and they were pretty high. It felt like a fairy godmother had shown up, asked us what we wanted and needed most for a week of writing, thinking, creating, sharing, learning and laughing, waved her wand and made it all come true: exceptional teachers in an exceptional location in the company of other inspirational writers. With a pool and fabulous food thrown in. I feel I am leaving with my writing well filled up to the brim with riches for me to keep drawing from. Thank you Katy and Nancy!–Philippa Bowe

I was having too much fun to write that much. Cuts both ways.  Lovely lovely week.  Please return here.  And thank you for accommodating my [mostly] non-fiction words, my grief, my screams into the abyss. –Barbara Greenstein

The French Retreat exceeded all my expectations. So many times group dynamics make retreats difficult, but the mix of participants made this week inspiring and productive.  Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman are that rare mix of human professionals who understand the nuances of their students: when they need encouragement, and when to help them see what they already know.  The support from both the instructors and the participants was positive, caring and helpful.  Loved it all.–Georgiana Nelson 

High Altitude Inspiration: Shadowcliff Lodge, Grand Lake, Colorado (2019)

“This retreat provided such a great learning experience with innovative lessons from some of the industry’s finest writers in a beautiful setting, and surrounded by a supportive bunch of friendly, like-minded people. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will remember fondly.” ~Ryan Stone

“A Flash Fiction Retreat with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman is the perfect way to refresh one’s writing practice. Inspiring locations, like-minded short-fiction writers, and their hallmark positive feedback style make for a true retreat: Pressure-free, productive, and restorative.” ~Anne Weisgerber

“The Flash Fiction Retreat in Colorado was fantastic fun. I am new to FF and came away full of ideas and insights and new skills. I met wonderous writers in a welcoming group in a gorgeous setting.  And Kathy Fish & Nancy Stohlman each gave insights into this playful genre.  I came away with new work and with inspiration.” ~Barbara Greenstein

“A retreat in the truest sense, a pull-back from the busy dizzy of our everyday lives and a chance to focus on writing with like-minded people. Gorgeous setting, great food, but most important, wonderful teachers, and great camaraderie. I’d do it again in a lub-dub.” ~Francine Witte

Creative Renaissance at Palazzo Forani, Casperia, Italy (2019)

Salon Night, Creative Renaissance Retreat, Casperia, Italy

“The writers retreat with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman was an inspiring, magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience. They are wonderful instructors, writers and mentors with great insight into the craft, as well as the writing life. I also loved meeting people from all over the world who are passionate about writing. I left the retreat feeling re-energized and refocused about my writing. In short, I loved every minute.” ~K.B. Jensen

“Location, location, location? Not only. This experience pulled my writing in new directions and left me with a sense that a retreat can be both demanding of one’s mind and easy on one’s spirit. Kathy and Nancy were inspiring instructors who brought together a talented and generous group of flash fiction-loving writers. Together, they offered guidance that I can continue to draw on each time I take to the page.” ~Charmaine Wilkerson

“Retreating with Kathy and Nancy in Casperia was very special. I learnt such a lot from them both and from all the other great writers in our group, and now I’m ready to take my flash fiction to the next level. ” ~Cath Barton

“Kathy and Nancy’s workshops and one-on-one sessions are invaluable. In addition to excellent instruction sheets, they provided inspiring examples that supported the lessons. Our group dynamic was warm with praise and constructive criticism. Outside of the ‘work’, we had wonderful cultural immersion – at one point almost everyone up to their elbows in pasta making. An unforgettable week in a stunning setting!” ~Marie Gethins

“Every detail was meticulously thought out by Kathy and Nancy to assure an absolutely enchanting experience. A perfect mix of work and fun.  Can’t wait to do it again! ” ~Jayne Martin

“Kathy and Nancy, together with the other participants, helped me discover side roads into the well-worn highway of habit and comfort in my writing, opening up new vistas and possibilities. Free yourself from the tramlines and explore, they cry!” ~Oliver Barton

Writing Wild in Costa Rica (2019)

Writing Wild in Costa Rica, 2019

“I will always look back on my “Writing Wild in Costa Rica” experience as a highlight of my life. The setting was over-to-top lovely, the food fantastic, and the inspiration, support, and camaraderie invaluable. I came away with new insights, things to work on, and, best of all, a group of wonderful new friends who will play an important role in my growth as a writer. Kathy and Nancy are in the top tier of flash writers worldwide, and I consider it a great privilege to have learned from them and enjoyed their company. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!” ~Traci Mullins

“My week of “writing wild” at Peace Retreat in Costa Rica ” with Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman was an amazing way to start of 2019. Everything a writer needs to gain confidence and fire up her word machine was provided: time to write, community, useful exercises, mentoring, helpful critiques, encouragement, time for rest and contemplation, time for fun and games, time to reflect and dig deep. Kevin, the host, was charming, the yoga fun, the food, excellent, the location and island architecture, conducive to creativity. Stunning experience.” ~Gay Degani

“The retreat was life-shaking. It was a dream to learn from writers whose stories I’ve read for years. The combination of Kathy’s generative workshops with Nancy’s editing/revising workshops is a great approach. I’m sure Nancy’s class on reading aloud made Salon Night less intimidating for many. We were fortunate to be part of a great group who all did terrific work. Peace Retreat is beautiful, and the staff couldn’t have been nicer. I came away with better writing AND eating habits. Worth every penny.” ~Bill Merklee

“Kathy and Nancy’s Writing Wild in Costa Rica was one of the best experiences I have had as a writer. The classes were very informative with a lot of class participation.They provided a safe atmosphere in which to share our work.The venue was beautiful, peaceful and conducive to writing.I felt relaxed and spoiled the entire week and hated to leave.I went away from the retreat confident and inspired.” ~Laura Alexander

“This retreat EXCEEDED all my expectations. Gorgeous location, perfect weather, delicious food & friendly, accommodating staff. I’m a flash fiction writing newbie and learned so much from everyone. I will carry the knowledge and wonderful memories with me forever!” ~Lucy Merklee

Rendezvous in the Rockies: Breckenridge, Colorado (2018)

Our magical visitor
Photo by Chris Bowen

“It was a marvelous retreat with exceptional  camaraderie, classes, a salon night that was entertaining and led to more ideas. There was good food a plenty, and the constant exchange of ideas and venues between both the instructors and the retreaters was valuable for our writing, Breckenridge was a beautiful spot for walks and views of the mountains from our windows. The one on one sessions with both Kathy and Nancy were extremely helpful. Also there was plenty of space to work both inside and out. I feel fortunate to have gotten into this retreat.” ~ Paul Beckman

“Kathy and Nancy create an environment of support, camaraderie, and inclusiveness that not only feeds the creative spirit, but encourages it to come out and play. My fellow writers were an amazing group of loving, generous, and off-the-charts talent. I grew just by being in their presence. Can’t wait to do it all again in Italy next year!” ~Jayne Martin

“Attending a workshop led by Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman in Colorado was marvelous. It’s everything you expect it to be, and whatever your goals—are you looking to generate new work, wish to refine and deepen a piece, focus on putting together a collection of stories, or plan for a new project, for example—this workshop provides the space and support to realize them with an outstanding collaboration in Fish and Stohlman.” ~April Bradley

“I think what sets this retreat apart from others is the level of encouragement and positive energy that is given to the writers. It’s amazing to see instructors and attendees truly appreciate the importance of creative camaraderie and support, and to model that support so beautifully.” ~Jan Saenz

“A wonderful experience to work with “Masters in Flash,” Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman in this unique setting. I met amazing writers, readers, and editors from across the country and am now reenergized and focused on my works in progress. Thank you Kathy and Nancy for taking the time to work with us.” ~Leslie Archibald