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The Importance of Creative Play



Creative Playcation: Hitting the Reset Button

True creativity begins as play.  And what is play but unstructured time where we allow our intuition to lead us to our joy? If we are writers, writing brings us joy. But too often in our modern world the joy of what we love is relegated  to “later” and play becomes a wistful luxury.

But if we are creatives, play is not a luxury but a necessity.

As artists, we understand that sometimes “writing” looks like walking, singing, staring at nothing, pages of journaling that “don’t count”, and most importantly lots of unscheduled time, hours that allow you to silence the usual demanding voices and get in touch with your true creative self. And while we may know that we need this (just like we may know that we should juice every day and do yoga), we rarely give ourselves what we–and more importantly our work—really need, taking care of everyone else first and our creative child last.

Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up.”

A retreat is just one way to hit that reset button, giving yourself the gift of possibility and a fresh start so that you can bring your best, most imaginative, most original self to your work. So if you have always thought that a retreat was an indulgence you could not afford, maybe it’s time to ask yourself: what is it costing you NOT to?


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