Announcing our June 2020 retreat in…



The French Connection:
Fast Flash Meets the Flash Novel
June 7-13, 2020

After living in Paris, Vincent Van Gogh famously traveled from the gray city to southern France, having heard that the light and colours there were nothing like he had ever experienced.

france 1

Together we will travel travel to the bucolic land of light, to the farmlands, vineyards, and sunflower fields of Yviers, France (near Bordeaux) for a 6-day flash fiction workshop and retreat in the heart of the French countryside. We’ll stay in a lovingly converted stone barn on what used to be a cognac-making estate, surrounded by open spaces and fields of maize and sunflowers. We’ll eat fresh French meals (and maybe a bottle of cognac!) prepared by the owners, who happen to be award-winning restaurateurs.

Join Kathy Fish and Nancy Stohlman in June, 2020 us for a one of a kind writing retreat in the French countryside where for the first time we will combine two popular online workshops: This “live” version of Kathy’s Fast Flash class dives even deeper into the nuances of the flash fiction story itself and Nancy’s Flash Novel class takes a wide-angle view of creating a larger book project. These generative sessions complement and build upon each other in a way that will take your writing to the next level.

AND we have scheduled our retreat to end approximately one week before the Flash Fiction Festival in Bristol (June 19-21, 2020), so it’s the perfect opportunity to do both!

Find out more!

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