Onward to France! “The Big Blonde and Company” by Jill Royce Loomis

Getting to work with writers through many phases of their process, and watching creative work bloom and come to fruition, is a special gift indeed. Kathy Fish and I feel lucky that Jill Royce Loomis, who first joined us in Grand Lake in August, is going to continue the adventure in France! In her own words:

For someone who tippy-toed into the Grand Lake flash retreat, the creative leap I’ve made since is remarkable.  I was eager to learn and classes on innovative flash forms and the dance between order and chaos were enlightening.  The class on absurdism was terrific.  Experimenting un-selfconsciously with accomplished writers was a breakthrough, and the result was surprising.  Who’d guess that in retirement I’d become a FBomb performer!  Nancy demystified the process, pushed me in front of a mic at the retreat and I loved it.  Then Paul Beckman gave me a turn on FBomb night at KGB Red Bar.  I’ve read and revised this flash piece, but new ones are emerging!

Jill Royce Loomis reads her work for the first time at the Grand Lake retreat Salon Night! Go Jill!

The Big Blonde & Company 

by Jill Royce Loomis

The big blonde swanned into the dimly lit bar wearing high heeled boots, a tight V-neck and a leatherish skirt barely covering their pink parts, trailing smoke from a Vogue super slim and a diminutive friend in grey wool wearing sensible shoes and a matching demeanor.

Beaming at admirers present and imagined, veiled in a fog of Shalimar, the big blonde cruised to a corner booth, stretched a bespangled arm along the back of the red tufted vinyl and called for an ashtray, rosé in a tall glass with ice and change for the jukebox.  “Don’t forget my swizzle stick,” they trilled, drumming long lacquered nails on the Formica, smiling gaily, and patting a brilliant soufflé of varnished hair.  Their escort sat with an inscrutable air, admirable posture and a five o’clock shadow at a neighboring two-top, their large feet tucked demurely underneath, holding the straps of a purse with both hands and sipping ginger ale through a straw.

Administering quarter after quarter as the music blared and hoisting glass after glass of cold rosé, the big blonde announced each song and its ranking on their personal scale of Great, Greater, Greatest ignoring the groaning and emptying of seats following too many Bee Gees and Barry Manilows.

In due time, when their brassy head was wobbly and their pronouncements unintelligible, the little companion rose and slid into the booth murmuring encouragement as they pushed the big blonde sideways, upright and out the door.


Our France retreat is now sold out but we have spaces available in Costa Rica    Eco-Flash: Writing in the Blue Zone, March 21-27, 2020

Join us!

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